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Surface cleaning boat

Name:Surface cleaning boat
Details : Automatic water clean boat, simple and convenient operation of floating garbage collection action only in the cab can be easily controlled by a button on the console to collect arms and before, during and after a mass cabin tacit and continuous operation stable; the ship using the driving style cabins, stern shaft with a high-precision water lubricated seals, work process does not produce any oil leaks, low engine noise, reached the Euro ⅱ standards, in full compliance with environmental requirements;
Automatic water clean ship it to collect a wide range of both cleaning larger, elongated floating garbage, but also cleaning smaller size, into a piece of floating debris, all gather, fishing, water treatment, uninstall the entire cleaning fully automated, high efficiency, equivalent to several times artificial fishing boat ..
The ship cabin collect all stainless steel conveyor belt, timely filtration due to salvage garbage and bring water and rust, durable, long life. It is the weeding, cleaning dual boat, ship simple structure, easy to operate, environmental protection and energy saving. Applies to the river, parks, power plants and other shallow water areas, it can not only remove surface floating garbage, you can also remove the bottom of the aquatic weeds, reach a comprehensive environmental effect, the device is a large area of inland water cleaning equipment in a unique product.